Brad & Gemenesse at the beach

by 7. November 2003 21:14

Here I am with the love of my life, my wife Gemenesse. It was finally that time of year when the wind is not so bad at Bodega Bay near our home in California. So we decided to bring along the tripod and do some late day pictures.

Like the cover of a romance novel

For our first year wedding anniversary we headed down the coast to Santa Cruz CA

After hours of taking pictures of the seals hanging out on the pier it was time to lug all the camera equipment back to the hotel.


in love

Some old concept work

by 10. May 1996 23:12

In the early 1990's I had such a facination with digital photo art which was just starting to be tangable (barely). My first computer was an pimped out Apple 8100/80. I could have bought a new car for what this thing cost me, but it was a great investment.

The earth being squeezed of it's resources was shot in the dark with a large format camera. I like the atmosphere visible just above the earth.

This picture was put together for World Payphone marketing package.



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