My little photographer

by 25. May 2009 09:06

My son Zachary is almost 4 years old now and already has quite the interest in photography. He has his own camera, which we constantly have to keep cleaning the peanut butter and jelly off of.

Memorial Day weekend my cousin Jeff, his wife Dee and their two little girls Kaylee and Elizabeth came over for a barbeque in the back yard. Zachary yelled for me (his assistant) to get his camera.



Danielle's Sweet Sixteenth

by 19. May 2009 20:56

It seems the camera always loves lots of fun and the good pictures just keep on flowing at any good party, especially if it is a Philippino party. This was our good friend Danielle's Sweet Sixteenth birthday bash and here she is with her brother's new baby girl.

and this is called Pancit, an incredible Philippino noodle dish

After the kids ate (actually feasted) they ran outside to play. So they thought taking turns sneaking around and ringing the front door, then scurrying away was such a blast.

Someone commented, "she really doesn't look 16", no silly Danielle is on the right.

This is Danielle's big brother Chris. That's his baby girl in the first photo of this post. I have so much respect for Chris, since he has been on several tours serving our country in Iraq. I am not sure if he will have to go back anymore, but I will find out and perhaps I can do an update blog entry about Chris and his family.

and I just had to include a picture of my baby girl, Gabriella, since she was at the party too.



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